What we do ...

"We tell stories through the audio and video mediums"

2Sonsmedia is a successful creative production company based in London, England. We focus on creating and delivering original audio/visual productions tailored to your specific needs and desires. 2Sonsmedia unites Audio and Video Production under one roof, making the workflow of audio/visual productions complementary, streamlined, truthful and authentic. 


Inspired by his storytelling background and many years of working in the industry, Producer and Director Roger strongly advocates that every audio/visual work should tell a story, and be more than mere words or visuals strung together.

Being an avid - and critical - food lover, Roger draws this parallel: "Creating a work of music or audio/visual art, and merging all the elements to tell the story well, is like preparing a special meal. It requires the right ingredients, proper preparation, dedication and focus. Then, once you add the outpouring of your heart and the truth of your soul to it, only then will it be more than just a nice meal fit for consumption – then it will be truly special".

It is this very approach our clients appreciate and value. Your needs and your goals are the foundation of our collaboration with you. We make sure that your story will spring to life, that it is told well, and always tailored to your audience - without meaningless noise or redundant sounds and visuals.  

So whether you are a corporate giant, a boutique agency, a known label or an independent artist: just let us know what we can do for you. We are more than happy to discuss with you the ideas and possibilities specific to your needs and desires. We deliver on budget, on time and on point.